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We are the Armament Systems Development Division (XZW), Eglin Satellite Office of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Capabilities and Program Integration Division (XZ). Our offices are located on Eglin AFB, Florida. Our unique role in the weapons community is to meet warfighter requirements by exploring the wide range of possible technology solutions and narrowing them to a manageable field of concepts to be transitioned into programs. In essence, we bridge the gap between science and technologies and programs. To accomplish this task, we work closely with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the responsible Program Executive Officer (PEO) to ensure the right weapons are developed at the right time and on cost! While we often work on developing Air Force Weapons, we have also been key players in developing weapons for the Special Operations Command and joint projects with the Army, Navy and Missile Defense Agency (MDA). Our current efforts include:


  • Next Generation Area Attack Weapon (NGAAW)
  • Airborne Weapon Layer (AWL)
  • F-X
  • Hard Target Munition (HTM)
  • Anti-Jam Precision Guided Munition (AJPGM)
  • Non-Kinetic Counter Electronics (NKCE)


Our organization has also been very successful at transitioning efforts into the Air Force arsenal. These efforts include:


  • Long Range Stand Off (LRSO)
  • Legacy Weapon Improvement Program (LWIP)
  • Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze (HTVSF)
  • Adaptive Carriage Environment (ACE)
  • CAS Gap Study
    • Laser JDAM (L-JDAM)
    • Laser Maverick (LMAV)
  • Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP)
  • Active Denial System (ADS)
  • B-61 Mod 12
  • Precision Lethality Mk-82 (PL Mk-82)
  • BLU-122 (Eglin Steel)